About Ed Schalke

Ed Schalke started his eponymous company in 2002. From an historic farm in De Lier, he focused on the repair and overhaul of various types of horticultural machines and their maintenance at greenhouse companies. In 2010, special construction was added to the activities and Ed Schalke also started offering customization. The company soon became a specialist in delivery systems, conveyor belts, potting machines, packaging lines and soil systems.

Personal approach and thinking along with the client are Ed Schalke's signature. In recent years the company has grown rapidly, and Ed Schalke has undergone strong professionalization. At the end of 2019, the company moved to a brand-new building in Maasdijk. With an energetic team of technicians, draftsmen, developers and back-office employees, Ed Schalke currently has a group of people who distinguish themselves through customer focus, creativity and solution orientation. The company serves industry, agriculture and other sectors.

What can we do for you?

No goal without a plan. That's how we stand at Ed Schalke. Let's get acquainted and map out all your wishes step by step.