Potting machines: new & renewed

Ed Schalke has been working with the renowned machine manufacturer Javo for many years. As an official partner, Ed Schalke is a service point for users of Javo potting machines and therefore has short lines and a short lead time. Ed Schalke supplies potting machines, both new Javo machines and used machines, which are immediately available from our own stock.

Used machines, of which the technology is still functioning optimally, are completely checked before delivery. Machines with defects are overhauled by Ed Schalke, which means that they are completely disassembled and checked and that worn parts are replaced by original Javo parts. As a result, the potting machines become as good as new again and buyers also receive a guarantee on their purchase. With this solution, companies can get quality machines at a lower investment. Because Ed Schalke is a specialist in Javo potting machines, his own maintenance service can provide the best service and resolve malfunctions adequately.

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